There are several advantages to booking a tour with Blue Onyx Travel.

1. We have a flexible refund policy.  Whereas many other travel and touring companies make 100% of your payments non-refundable as far as 30 or even 60 days out, we have the ability to refund or transfer up to 50% of payments more than 15 days before a tour is scheduled to begin.

2. Compared to other tours of the same type across the industry, we generally offer more inclusions.  Many excursions which would incur an extra charge on tours of other companies are automatically included in ours.  And when we do offer optional excursions which incur an extra charge, we promise that the price will be fair.  No gouging.

3. Our tour sizes are generally much smaller than those of other tour companies.  This allows our guests the ability to stretch out and relax on the bus and to be able to fully enjoy included lectures and guided tours of historical places.

4. The base prices of our tours, relative to commensurate tours of other travel companies, are lower.  We encourage anyone considering booking one of our tours to look around and compare what we offer with what other travel and touring companies offer.

5. Our hotels are always close to the sights you want to see.  Even on our budget tours, we ensure that our guests are able to stay in hotels that are within walking distance of the major tourist attractions.  Very few other travel and touring companies do this.

So then, what are you waiting for?  Book now

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